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May Weekender

We are sorry to inform you that the May Weekender festival at Prenton Park has been cancelled.

Tranmere Rovers Football Club Ltd have advised as follows:-

“Due to unforeseen circumstances and after considering all factors, we shall not be running with the concert this year. ”

From this point onwards we ask that you direct all correspondence to the following contact at Tranmere Rovers Football Club Ltd:

Sofie Palios Email address:

Please ensure that you CC into your initial response so we are aware that you have received this notification.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts and involvement so far. It has come as a huge disappointment to us all, however after taking all of the factors into account, including pitch issues, it was decided to cancel the event.

The Team at Mayweekender
For and On Behalf of Tranmere Rovers Ltd

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