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Each year we use hundreds of staff at events. Whether you want to see a great band but can't afford festival tickets, or you want to earn some money and gain some experience in events, we've got something for you!!

We are the largest events travel company in the UK and work with more festivals and gigs than anybody else. If you'd like to come along and work at one of these events in return for a free ticket, we'll do our best to make sure you miss none of the action. Volunteering with BGC is the best way to see a festival and work the fewest hours!

The Big Green Coach group of companies comprises of three elements:

Big Green Coach - the UK's largest music coach travel provider;

Seed Event Solutions ( - an event staffing company with roles such as bar staff, crowd and traffic safety, hospitality & promo crew, through to a diverse range of specialist roles including artist liaisons and production staff;

Planet Festival ( - travel from the UK to the biggest events in Europe.

BIG GREEN COACH- work a couple of shifts, helping us staff the coach operations on site at festivals and events and in return you'll get a free festival ticket!

SEED STAFF- work more hours over the event, in varied roles such as accreditation and stewarding and not only get to enjoy the atmosphere, but earn some money.

PLANET FESTIVAL- Come to our training sessions and Rep a coach into Europe to get a free festival ticket and travel!

We have worked with some huge names in the festival industry. We've taken coaches to European Festivals, even as far as Croatia. We work at all sorts of events from small family festivals to one day dance events and take staff along to help on most operations.

We also have paid work at large scale sporting events such as Tour De France, and more local regular work like working at Wembley Stadium.

What do I do now?

You will need to set up a profile on our online system. Once you have a profile you can look through our events, get the info on each and apply with the click of a button.

What do I need on my profile?

For now you can just have a basic profile and come back to it to finish it over time. A photo is really handy as I work with more than a thousand volunteers each year! If you are doing paid work for us then we must have your bank details, national insurance number and a copy of your passport uploaded. A cv is always great to have as it gives more detail about you. Most important thing is your contact details!!

Then what?

Add Biggie Green on Facebook. This is often the best way for me to get new opportunities out there.

Once you've applied you’ll have to wait for us to start recruitment on that particular event. Priority will be given to last year's team and those that have done a good job in the past.

Sometimes the more popular events have around 10 applications for each space that we have. Consider doing a smaller event and get to know the team, prove yourself so you get first choice next time!


Most events will require you to pay a deposit. This can be managed on our online system and we'll get it back to you within 4 weeks of working at the event.

This deposit is in place so that we have all staff turn up on site for work. Anyone that does not follow the terms and conditions will risk losing their deposit, and anyone that wants to pull out of an event needs to do so 6 weeks previous to the event or provide medical proof if they want their deposit back.

Even if you've been accepted into an event, your place is not secure until you've paid a deposit.

What do I get?

Each event varies, but if you're volunteering on a Big Green Coach operation then you'll get a free ticket to the event in question. At weekend festivals you will usually do two shifts in return for a free ticket with camping and a parking space. You will have to get yourselves to and from events, so need to think about transport before you apply! The work is done on site, not on the coaches.

At one day events, you'll work at the start of the day getting people into the event and then at the end of the day getting people back out. You'll get the main event time to watch the music, missing none of the action.

For European events, you'll need to apply for the training session where the job role will be explained further.

What will I be doing?

This is varied at each event. If you are working on a Big Green Coach operation then you'll be helping us with the coaches, checking tickets, loading luggage and pointing people in the right direction etc.

If you have applied for a Seed Staff event, then roles will vary with each event. You'll be able to see the roles available when you first apply, in the past we have recruited for positions such as accreditation, bar staff, traffic marshalls, campsite stewards, park and ride staff and artist liaison.

For further information on paid work with Seed, check out their website

Any questions about working with us, email


Will I miss any of the music?

The Big Green Coach services usually arrive before the music begins and departs after the music ends. There may be occasions where our service will be operating whilst the music is on but only a few occasions.

How many hours do I have to work?

This depends on the festival we are operating to. We need you working at busy times which could be as little as 10 hours over the entire weekend - not bad at all.

Do you take a deposit for the tickets?

Yes but this is 100% refunded once you have completed the required hours.

Do you provide travel expenses and food whilst working?

We will provide refreshments whilst working, travel expenses are not included.

I have never worked with coaches before. Is this a problem?

Nope, you will be trained on site by a Big Green Coach manager. Common sense and the ability to follow instructions are the two main traits we are looking for.