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Each year we use hundreds of staff at events in the UK and Europe. Whether you want to see a great band but can't afford festival tickets, or you want to earn some money and gain some experience in events, we've got something for you!!

Big Green Coach is the largest events travel company in the UK, Working with more festivals and gigs than anybody else in the country. You know that you are in safe hands. We are the OFFICIAL and EXCLUSIVE coach partner to many of the UK's major music festivals.

We love music, take considerable pride in taking our passengers to the greatest events in the UK and Europe. We do all we can to make your experience with us as easy and simple as possible, from booking tickets, collecting your festival tickets and wristbands, to travelling on our services.

Why do we have reps on site and onboard coaches?

To ensure that our customers get the best possible experience on our services, we believe that having a real life point of contact is most valuable and therefore have onsite reps at the festival site and on our busiest coach services from the departure point for our multi day events.

Please note that most staff working with us will NOT travel on coaches. You will work on the festival site meeting and greeting coaches, unloading luggage, giving out information about the return journey and keeping customers safe from inbound coaches.

We do use Coach Reps for one day events. A coach rep will work at a city centre departure point, checking tickets and counting people on board and then dealing with any issues on the way to and from the event and acting as a point of contact between us and customers.

Which festivals can I volunteer at?

We are currently looking for volunteers at: Bournemouth 7’s, Parklife, Wildlife, Download, Isle of Wight, Y Not, Wireless, 2000 Trees, NASS, Latitude, Boomtown, Ramblin Man, Bloodstock, Boardmasters, V Festival, Creamfields, Victorious, Leeds, Reading, End of the Road, Bestival, Trnsmt, Sundown Festival, Reload, Festival No more to be announced.

How do I apply?

The new Big Green Coach application system goes live for 2018 positions at the beginning of January. Ensure you have an up to date profile with us Here.

If you do not have a profile with us, create one now! When our festivals go live in the new year and you have a profile, you can just hit apply.

If you worked for us this year and received a good staff report from our onsite supervisors, you’ll get an email to a Google Form for first refusal on places in 2018.

How do I know if I have a space?

In May 2018 we will start accepting places based on your previous staff reports with us, your CV, and other event experience. You will be contacted by our staffing manager to discuss your application and then receive an email from us to offer you a place about a month before the event.

Once you are offered a position you will need to pay a returnable deposit to secure your place within 14 days via a Paypal link emailed to you.

What shifts will I work?

Each event differs but generally volunteers work 2 shifts. On site reps at weekend camping events will work an arrival day (Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) and the Monday morning (possible early start) departure day, shifts are approx 8 hours, but this will depend on the event and any delays on the coaches. For day events, you will be required to work the arrivals in the morning and departures in the evening, approximately 8 hours in total.

Coach reps will work an arrival shift from the departure location (this can be very early mornings), then travel with the customers on the last coach loaded. Whilst on board you are working and are point of contact should any customers need it. Once you arrive on site you may be asked to complete some more hours if your loading shift and journey were particularly short and/or we have a long day of arrivals on site.

Your second shift will also be on the Monday morning (possibly an early start), loading all coaches until your departure is ready to leave. You will leave the site on the coach and once again are not working but will be a point of contact on board. Once the customers have all left the coach from the return journey, you have finished your shift with us.

What exactly will I be doing?

Onsite Reps

  • Parking coaches and dealing with drivers
  • Getting on board to give customers information about the return journey
  • Keeping customers safe and out of the way of coaches
  • Keeping the pick up and drop off area clear of vehicles
  • Checking tickets as people board, or dealing with issues (e.g. lost tickets)
  • Pointing people in the right direction
  • Loading or unloading luggage

Coach Reps

  • Liaising with the driver to keep customers safe and informed
  • Keeping in contact with us to let us know how the journey is going
  • Dealing with any issues customers have
  • Ensuring the coach is kept in reasonable order
  • Checking tickets as people board
  • Helping customers load their luggage
  • Ensuring any stop offs are managed correctly
  • Helping with ferry crossings if necessary
  • Dealing with any delays or congestion

What kind of services do BGC run on site?

  • National services (for weekend campers). Can arrive on different days at some events, all services leave on the Monday morning.
  • One Day events. We'll drop you at an event before music starts and wait around until the bitter end to take you home
  • Multiple day events - festivals that don't have camping or events that offer a one day ticket. If you don't want to camp, just go in each day (or one day) to see your favourite bands and we'll take you home)
  • Shuttle buses. For those customers that arrive at the local train station but still need to get to the festival site and back

What is the deposit? How do I pay it? When do I get it back?

Deposits are paid once your application has been accepted through a link to our paypal account. You do not need a paypal account to make this payment you can use paypal as a guest and pay by debit/credit card. The deposit amount is £100 for most events (£200 for Boomtown).

This deposit can be left in place if you are working more than one event with us over the season or you can request it back after the event has finished. Returning your deposit will cancel any future application previously accepted until a new deposit is paid. You will be sent a link to request your deposit once the event is over and we have returned to the office. Deposits will be NOT be returned to any staff who cancel their place within 21 days of the event, do not turn up for shifts, are late for shifts, are not fit for work or cause unnecessary issues during their shift. An admin fee of £25 will be charged for places cancelled outside 21 days before an event. No admin fee is charged if all shifts are worked as agreed.

Do I need my own camping equipment?

Yes you do, a tent and sleeping bag are required at all sites plus your own belongings, it is up to you how much camping equipment you bring but remember YOU have to carry it!! You will be given a space in staff camping and we try to get all the team near each other if possible. The great thing about being in staff camping and arriving before the general public is you can take in certain restricted items, and re enter with more (at most sites). You can leave and re enter the site during the event and most of the time you also get better toilet and shower facilities. Bear in mind that some events staff camping is not the closest to the arena or the coach car park. So you may want a trolley to get all your stuff to and from your transport or the coach.

Getting to the Event?

You will need to make your own way to the event in plenty of time to start your shift, we suggest the afternoon or evening before if you are working on site. If you are driving you will receive a staff parking pass on arrival as long as you give us your details when you are accepted for the job. We also set up a Facebook group for each event with all the staff going so you can talk to each other and arrange lift shares. Our coach services won't get you to your shift in time.

If you are going to be working as a coach rep for us you will travel on the last BGC service to leave your destination and go back with is after the event.

Can I work with my mates?

We always like you to have a friend or two to hang out with at the event so if you apply with your mate we will do our best to get you working the same shifts. Please make sure you let us know at application who your friends are. Having said this our crew are all a very friendly bunch and you will make many new mates during the event.

How will I hear about vacancies?

  • We will post them on the Holly Green Facebook page, make sure you friend request her
  • We will add them to the Paam system, you’ll be able to check these once you have a Paam profile