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Why Are We Green

Big Green Coach are Pioneers in sustainable travel

What Makes Big Green Coach Green

Big Green Coach is the UK’s largest carbon-neutral event travel provider and a pioneer in sustainable transport with 15 years of industry expertise. The pioneering transport solutions company is proud of its part in tackling the environmental impact that travel has in the transport and live events industries. Coach travel is already the greenest transport option, taking cars off the road and using less land for parking.

The environment has always been a core focus for Big Green Coach. From inception, Big Green Coach planted trees for every coach it operated to events. The team then worked with Cool Earth sponsoring 10 sq. ft. of Amazonian Rainforest for 10 years, for every single customer transported. This protected close to 2 million sq.ft. of Amazon rainforest for a period of ten years.

Since 2021, emissions for every Big Green Coach journey have been calculated and offset through investment in sustainability projects via UK charity Ecolibrium. 674.5 tonnes of carbon will be balanced by Big Green Coach for 2023 with Ecolibrium, via a five figure donation to their Trees+ programme. Since joining forces with Ecolibrium in 2021 Big Green Coach has balanced over 1500 tonnes of carbon.

Ecolibrium is a UK charity founded in 2015 as a live events industry response to the climate crisis, following COP21 climate talks in Paris. Ecolibrium works with hundreds of organisations, artists and individuals to tackle travel emissions; moving low carbon travel to the heart of live events culture and uniting events in environmental restoration with investment in ecosystem protection, regeneration and clean energy generation.

Big Green Coach works hard to increase a customer modal shift to coach travel for festivals and events by engaging with attendees well in advance of the event. Being customer focussed, the team has developed new routes, departure points and timings upon request to make coach travel easier and more accessible, often creating significant increases in partner sales and increasing the number of locations served.

Operationally, Big Green Coach works smarter to keep seat utilisation as high as possible, constantly monitoring sales and demand to reroute vehicles where necessary and avoid unnecessary vehicle movements and subsequent carbon emissions.

Big Green Coach has demonstrated a consistent increase in coach customer numbers for many festival partners; and is the current record holder for coach customers to Download, Isle of Wight Festival, Creamfields, Reading, Leeds, Wireless, Slam Dunk and Boomtown plus
many more.

For Boardmasters alone, the total equivalent carbon saving made by customers travelling by coach rather than car during 2023 was the same as 104,588,817 Google searches or 1,338,733 cups of tea. If all Big Green Coach Boardmasters customers travelled individually by car the number of miles travelled would be 1,891,693 miles – equivalent to 76 times around the earth or to the moon and back four times.* Each full coach takes approximately a quarter mile of traffic congestion from the roads.

Big Green Coach continues to lead the sustainable transport industry, currently investigating utilising electric coaches, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) as a diesel alternative and is in talks with carbon removal companies to physically remove carbon from the atmosphere – the technology is still new and expensive, but the potential is huge.


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