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Your message to Big Green Coach is winging its way there now! Before you contact us, please see the 5 top questions we get asked and the answers. These may hopefully answer your questions:

1. I booked a coach seat via Ticketmaster (UK), how do I secure my coach?
Ticketmaster (UK) will send you a voucher code. This code can be used during the booking process on our website to secure your coach seat. If you have not yet received this code (check your junk mail), please contact Ticketmaster directly - we do not have your codes and it is only Ticketmaster who can help. Please bare in mind only 1 code can be used per booking. If you have booked 3 coach seats via Ticketmaster, you will need to make 3 separate bookings on our website.

2. What size luggage can I take on the coach?
1 x tent, 1 x bag/rucksack, 1 x small hand luggage & 1 x foldable chair. No trollies! Trollies take up a very large space and we often won't fit them in. Anything additional to this allowance may be left behind to avoid Luggage overloads.

3. How do I change a name on my booking? Can I move to another date or location?
Moving/Changing bookings will incur a £10 fee unless a Flexi Ticket has been purchased. If you wish to make an alteration to your booking, please contact our customer service team via email.

4. How long will this Journey take?
Unfortunately we cannot give out exact journey times due to unforeseen traffic events.

5. Can I purchase Flexi after the booking has been made?
No. Unfortunately Flexi Tickets can only be purchased during the booking process.

There are many ways to contact us with Facebook messenger often being the quickest. You can email us on [email protected], please consider contacting us on Facebook or Twitter where we can often resolve straightforward issues quickly.Facebook us, Tweet us, or use our real time Chat that you should be able to see at the bottom right of your screen. We are very friendly and rarely bite! Please check our FAQs page as your question may already be answered there. BGC x

UPDATE: As we are sure you can understand, our current workload is enormous, so we really appreciate your patience and understanding that our replies to messages may be slower than usual. We have temporarily closed our phone lines to ensure that our customer service staff can answer more questions via email/Facebook. These are incredibly busy times.

[email protected]

Click here for Press and Media Contacts ONLY

Click here for Press and Media Contacts ONLY

All press enquiries ONLY, please use the below contact details:

Holly Whitehouse
Email: [email protected]

Phone: . Media/Press only. This is NOT a customer email address. If you are a customer and need assistance please use any of the other contact methods we provide. Customer Service email address is [email protected]