General FAQs

Q: When should I receive my coach e-ticket?
A: A: We aim to email coach e-tickets 5-7 days prior to your event start date. You will need to bring this with you to board our vehicles.

Q: What do I do if I haven't received my coach e-ticket?
A: A: Please ensure you have tripled checked your spam/junk folders. If it's not there, please email our Customer Service Team who will be able to investigate. (see our Contact Us page for this email address).

Q: I have purchased a ticket + coach package, do my event and travel tickets arrive together?
A: No. Entry tickets are usually sent by Royal Mail Secure Delivery and will arrive approximately 4 weeks before your event. If the event opts for e-ticket entry tickets, they will either be emailed directly from the event organiser or your travel eticket we send will be your entry ticket as well - this will clearly say it on the eticket. Our coach e-tickets are always emailed roughly 5-7 days before the event to the lead booker.

Q: What do I do if I haven't received my entry ticket?
A: This is only applicable to those who have booked directly through us as a package. Please email us with your booking reference so we can investigate this.

Q: What is FLEXI upgrade?
A: Flexi allows unlimited amendments at no extra charge and cancellation refunds, subject to the T&Cs. Flexi cannot be added after the booking process is complete.

Q: I can no longer attend the event I have a ticket for, what can I do?
A: Under our T&Cs, all standard coach tickets are non-refundable. If you opted for FLEXI, please email us with your booking reference so we can investigate.

Q: Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
A: Yes, please email us with your booking reference and the new passengers’ name, address, email, and contact number. We do not have a resell platform and this is the customer's responsibility. All amendments are subject to a £10 admin fee unless Flexi was chosen. Please note, we cannot split up customers in a booking, therefore, your booking of 4 people must stay as a party of 4 if selling.

Q: I purchased a package and no longer need my transport; can I have a refund?
A: No, as you have purchased a package you are not eligible for a partial refund under any circumstances.

Q: I booked a coach seat via Ticketmaster (UK), how do I secure my coach?
A: Ticketmaster (UK) will send you a voucher code. This code can be used during the booking process on our website to secure your coach seat. If you have not yet received this code (check your junk mail), please contact Ticketmaster directly - it is only Ticketmaster who can help. Please bear in mind only 1 code can be used per booking. If you have booked 3 coach seats via Ticketmaster, you will need to make 3 separate bookings on our website.

Ticket amendment FAQS

Q: I need to change my personal details; how do I do this?
A: Please email us, within sufficient time of your event, with your booking reference and the new details. All changes are subject to the admin fee unless Flexi was chosen.

Q: Can I change the departure location on my booking?
A: Travel locations on our services are amendable depending on availability. If we can change the departure location, there will be an admin fee to do this (no fee if Flexi upgrade chosen) plus any difference in fare.

Coach FAQs

Q: How long will the coach take?
A: We never provide ETAs for our journeys as we cannot predict any unforeseen traffic, or passenger, delays. Festival and event traffic can cause further delays.

Q: Where will the coach drop me off at my event?
A: Usually at the festival/event coach station, however, please be aware this can be a short walk from the venue entrance.

Q: Where is my pick-up location and time?
A: Your e-ticket will have all the final information for coach travel. The bottom of this page has a list of all our locations, you can click yours to view a map. Every event has a timetable, please select your event from our dropdown and find the timetable tab.

Q: Can we drink on the coach?
A: Water is always permitted on our vehicles. Any other drinks are up to the discretion of your driver. We ask that all alcohol be stored in the underneath storage locker. For football events, drinking on the coach is against the law.

Q: Can I use just one part of my coach ticket?
A: Yes, your ticket will remain valid if you choose to travel on only one journey. Please let us know a few days prior so we can inform your driver not to wait for you.

Q: I bought my ticket separately from my friends, can we sit together on the coach?
A: Seats are not allocated on our coaches. We recommend arriving together to ensure the best chance of sitting together.

Luggage FAQs

Q: What is your policy regarding luggage allowance?
A: All passengers are permitted to bring 1 rucksack/suitcase, 1 tent, 1 camping chair, 1 sleeping bag, and 1 piece of hand luggage per person. For safety reasons, there are restrictions on the weight limit and the number of items a passenger can bring on our services. Items over 20kg will not be accepted along with prohibited items such as weapons, drugs, live or dead animals, surfboards, trollies, wheelie bins, and wheelbarrows. BGC reserve the right to refuse you to travel and/or remove the items from the coach immediately. Please be mindful that you are sharing this limited space with others when bringing your luggage.

Q: I've left something on your coach, what can I do?
A: If you email us with the location you travelled from and where to, we can find your operator's number to contact them directly. If you have just arrived at the event/festival, we can try to contact your representative on site. We are not responsible for any left items.

Covid FAQs

Q: I have Covid and I am unable to use my ticket. Can I have a refund?
A: During the booking process, we offer Ticketplan payment protection. Their protection covers Covid related issues to your ticket. Please note, Ticketplan are a separate company to us, we are unable to offer refunds directly under these circumstances.

Q: I was offered credit from a cancelled/postponed event, how do I use this credit? When does it expire?
A: To use your credit, simply log into the account of the original booking and it will be automatically issued in check out. Credit can be used towards ANY of our services. Credit expires on 31st January 2023.

Q: What happens if my events cancels or postpones?
A: We will contact all our customers as soon as we have information. We aim to roll your ticket to the new date. We will talk with the event organisers regarding your entry ticket.

Accessibility FAQs

Q: I am an accessible customer. Can I request special assistance?
A: We will always endeavour to provide a coach which meets everyone's requirements. Please email us with details of your request before you book so we investigate.