COVID-19 Update

These are unprecedented times. Big Green Coach, like all other companies in the live events industry, are waiting to see what happens next with COVID-19. These decisions will come from Government level and can quickly change due to the evolving nature of the situation. What we do know is:

- All coach bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of Big Green Coach and all event ticket bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of the event owner.
- We are monitoring the situation and are reviewing and following the guidelines of Public Health England.
- Following the announcement on 22 Feb 2021, the outlook for the summer looks more positive but with questions still for events in early June - We will update you as soon as we know.

Worried about how safe our coaches are? Please review this video for an understanding of the lengths that we go to to keep you safe:

General FAQ's

Q: Do I receive my event and travel tickets at the same time?
A: No. For most events Big Green Coach sell for, the coach e-ticket will be emailed and the event ticket will be posted. Your event tickets are usually sent by Royal Mail Secure Delivery approximately 10 days before the event. Your coach e-tickets will be emailed to the account you specified throughout the booking procedure at any time before the event. The e-tickets can be received anytime up to 7 days before the event.

Q: What do I do if I haven't received my event ticket?
A: All of the event tickets purchased through Big Green Coach are sent by Secure Delivery. If you believe that the tickets have been sent to you but haven’t yet received them, please contact us on 0330 2234 368 or email [email protected] and one of our Big Green Team will investigate further.

Q: What do I do if I haven't received my coach e-voucher?
A: First thing to do is to check your spam folder (sometimes called Junk Mail). Our e-tickets are sometimes mistaken as unwanted mail by email providers and could be automatically moved to the spam folder. If it is not there, please email [email protected] and one of our Big Green Team will investigate further.

Q: When will I be provided information on departure points and pick up times?
A: Your e-ticket will have all final information for your coach travel, you will need to print this document off and take it with you.

Q: How long will the coach take?
A: We cannot provide info on journey times - this is due to the unpredictability of festival/event traffic.

Q: Will the coach be direct?
A: We will always endeavour to have direct coaches where possible.

Q: Where will the coach drop me off?
A: Usually at the festival/event coach station, however please be aware that sometimes this can be a short walk from the venue entrance.

Q: I can no longer attend the event I purchased a ticket for, what are my options?
A: Under the BGC Terms and Conditions, event and travel tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, this is so the big guys at BGC HQ can keep track of the number of coaches we need to organise from each departure location along with ensuring we still have enough seats to keep selling right up until the day before the event kicks off! However, if you choose FLEXI TICKET upgrade during the booking flow this allows unlimited amendments and refund for any cancellation. Subject to Terms and Conditions.

Q: So, if you find yourself really stumped we suggest you find someone to purchase your valuable event ticket and send us their details via email ([email protected]). There is a tiny admin fee of £10.00 (free if Flexi upgrade was chosen), this will be added to the account and can be paid in the usual way by using the new login credentials.
A: If the LEAD Passenger (i.e. the customer who makes the purchase and in the case of a group booking becomes the main contact) is no longer attending and you would like someone else to be the lead passenger, we need the following information of the new contact: -Name -Email address -Date of birth -Address including Postcode -Contact Telephone numbers (Home, Work, Mobile)

Q: Can I change the departure location I specified at the time of booking?
A: Any tickets for travel on a Service provided by Big Green Coach are amendable depending on availability. If we are able to change the departure location there will be a £10 fee to do this (no fee if Flexi upgrade chosen) plus any difference in fare. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure the details on the ticket and/or booking confirmation is correct at the time of booking.

Q: Can I cancel my transport and keep my event ticket?
A: Once you have completed the purchase of your ticket you are not permitted to cancel the ticket and we are not liable to refund you for the ticket in any circumstances, unless specified in the Terms and Conditions.

Q: I want to change the name on my ticket, how do I do this?
A: This is not a problem; however please ensure you leave us sufficient time before the event in order to action the changes. You can request this by dropping an email to [email protected] Please include your booking reference in the email so we can locate your booking and help you as quick as possible. All changes are subject to an admin fee (unless Flexi upgrade was chosen).

Q: My address/contact details/date of birth have changed since the time of booking, what should I do?
A: Not to worry, this can all be changed. You can send us an email to [email protected] or get in contact via our online Live Chat system. All changes are subject to an admin fee (unless Flexi upgrade was chosen).

Q: What is the policy regarding luggage on Big Green Coach?
A: Our official luggage allowance is 1 x rucksack (or equivalent), 1 x tent and 1 x piece of hand luggage. For safety reasons there are restrictions on the weight limit and amount of items a passenger can bring on our services. Items over 20kg will not be accepted on Big Green Coach along with prohibited items such as weapons, drugs, live or dead animals, prams, surfboards, wheelie bins and wheelbarrows etc. BGC reserve the right to refuse you travel and/or remove the items from the coach immediately.

Trolleys full of crates of beer shrink wrapped together are a "no" as they take up too much space.

As long as everyone considers the fact that the luggage lockers are only so big and need to be used for all customers camping gear we should be fine.

Q: Can we drink alcohol on Big Green Coach?
A: You may take alcohol to the events that you are attending but this MUST stay in the coaches' luggage locker, no alcohol is allowed to be consumed on the coach. For travel to a footbal match, drinking alcohol on the coach is against the law.

Q: I bought my coach and event ticket separately from my friends, can we sit together on the coach?
A: Seats are not allocated on our coaches. Try and queue together, that way we'll hopefully get you all on the same coach and off the event as a group.

Q: I bought an event ticket and didn't require transport at the time of booking, now I do, can I add it on?
A: This is not a problem provided we still have seats on the coaches available from the departure location you desire, call Customer Services on 0330 2234 368 or send us an email to [email protected] so we can amend your booking accordingly.

Q: I am an accessible customer. Can I request special assistance?
A: We will always endeavour to provide a coach which meets everyone's requirements. Once you have booked, please call Customer Services on 0330 2234 368 or send us an email to [email protected] and we will confirm if we can supply a coach which meets your needs.

Q: Do I have to take the coach?
A: No. Whilst we would love you to get the coach it is not required to receive your event ticket from us. If you are not getting the coach can you please let us know so that we don't wait?

Q: What ID do I need to collect my tickets on site?
A: Photo ID is required

Q: Can I sell my tickets to someone else?
A: You can but the new owner will still need to arrive by coach. It is your responsibility to inform them of this fact. Note: you cannot split the order so if you have purchased e.g. 4 tickets you can only sell the tickets in a block of 4.