Biggreencoach::Why are we green?

why we are green

All Big Green Coach services to UK events from 2023 will be CARBON NEUTRAL.

Previously, we committed to sponsoring and protecting 5 square foot of Amazonian Rainforest for 10 years for every customer who booked travel with Big Green Coach. Now, we are increasing our commitment and offsetting 100% of the carbon produced transporting fans to events.

This has resulted in millions of square foot of Rainforest in Peru being protect by Big Green Coach for the next 10 years since we started the commitment. This is all thanks to you.

The environment means the world to us...

...but we still want to have fun and enjoy great live music. This was one of the founding principles of Big Green Coach and why, since our creation in 2009, Big Green Coach has been working hard to make a positive impact on the environment.

Audience travel emissions to music venues are the single biggest contributor to the music industry's environmental impact - accounting for a huge 80% of the festival sector’s total emissions. Coach travel is between 4 to 6 times more environmentally friendly than taking a car to a festival. Using Big Green Coach is a positive step towards reducing the environmental impact but we go even further.

Since 2009, Big Green Coach has planted hundreds of trees in the UK thanks to our commitment to donate a tree for each full coach we take to a music festival. This has ensured that our customers are reducing the carbon footprint of festival travel and helping to reduce overall carbon levels in the atmosphere.

Above is a short video showing one of Big Green Coach's tree planting events.

We have an environmental and ethical policy and should you want to review it, please download our environmental policy.

So remember - when you are travelling on one of our coaches take a look around. You and every other person on that coach are responsible for protecting around 250 square foot of Rainforest - and that is just one coach!

Since we began supporting the rainforest, Big Green Coach has transported hundreds of thousands of customers on our services. This means that Big Green Coach is protecting millions of square foot of Rainforest! You can see that from space!!!

We are unashamedly proud of the great work we do for the environment but we couldn't do it without you. So the next time you are planning how to get to an event, check out Big Green Coach and feel good about what YOU have done for YOUR planet..