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Volunteer with BGC

Come along and volunteer with us to learn more about the green & sustainable issues we're faced with and make a real difference at festivals and live events.

Did you know that 80% of a festivals carbon emission is made up of audience travel?! That's an enormous number and alongside the festivals we operate with we're trying to bring this down!

Think of the congestion around the festival site, the space taken to park cars for the weekend and the detrimental effect all of this has on the environment. We run coach services & shuttle buses in and out of festivals, providing a fun way to travel that drops customers right inside those gates. We also have a tent inside some of the festival sites that not only acts as a customer service hub, but as a fantastic way to inform and educate festival goers on how we try and be the green way to travel. It’s also loads of fun with games and giveaways all weekend!

We work closely with other sustainable projects aimed at things like recycling, getting people to take their tents home and getting rid of plastic straws from sites.

Our paid work is always more hours, and will occur when the music is happening, but come along and volunteer as a transport steward or as part of our activation team and you'll be working in a friendly team and more importantly, you'll miss little to no action on stage!

It's great experience to update your cv with and of course this is invaluable to anyone considering a career in live events. Make some contacts in your free time and see how a festival or live event is produced, see what goes into making everything run smoothly and get some experience in a customer facing role. These roles are for people persons for sure!

Big Green Coach sponsor 5sq ft of Amazonian Rainforest for each customer that travels for 10 years. This is a project we're passionate about and has a huge positive impact on the environment. However, it's hard to see the impact over here in Blighty! So, we grab all the volunteers that have helped out over the year and we arrange a day of tree planting. We'll be in touch about this at the end of the year to see if you'd like to come along and help us for the day. It's a wonderful team building exercise and a chance for us all to celebrate another festival season coming and going!

How to apply to volunteer on site?

To see a little more information on each event, click on that event and hit apply if you want to come along.

We'll need you to upload a photo (so that we recognise you when you arrive on site!), your right to work will need to be uploaded (even volunteers have to prove that they are eligible to work in the UK) and your contact details will need to be up to date so that we can get in touch with an information pack closer to the time.

The new Big Green Coach application system goes live for each year at the beginning of January. Ensure you have an up to date profile with us HERE.

If you do not have a profile with us, create one now! When our festivals go live in the new year and you have a profile, you can just hit apply.

Don't forget we also have some paid work available at some events, come along and work for us on site and earn some money!

Why do we have volunteers on site?

To ensure that our customers get the best possible experience on our services, we believe that having a real-life point of contact is most valuable and therefore have onsite reps at the festival site and on our busiest coach services from the departure point for our multi day events. Customers love seeing a friendly team greet them on site, nothing like having some help with your luggage!

Please note that most volunteers coming along with us will NOT travel on coaches. You will help out on the festival site.

We also have volunteers help man our Big Green Tent (activation) inside the festival site. To find out more about coming along with the activation team, head to the applications.

Which festivals can I volunteer at?

Pretty much anything we have on sale! We are often based inside the festival site so you'll have a wristband and have access to the site when you're not helping us.

What hours do you need me?!

Each event differs but generally volunteers come along on two days for set pre-agreed hours.

Weekend camping festivals -

On site volunteers at weekend camping events will do an arrival day (Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) and the Monday morning, helping us get people on and off site. You’ll be helping us whilst coaches come in and leave site.

One day events –

For day events, you’ll be helping us to meet and greet coaches as they arrive before music starts and then helping us get everyone off site for an hour or two at the end of the evening.

Coach reps –

Sometimes we have a city that has a really busy departure. At these times we ask volunteers to help us manage that. You'll often liaise with the local council to manage the place the coaches pick up from, making sure no litter is left behind and that customers know where to go. You'll help us make sure everyone is on the right coach and has the right ticket! The great news here is that you'll jump on board with customers, meaning that your travel to the event is included. Coach reps then do the same on the way home, you'll help us get people off site on Monday or at the end of the evening and then travel with customers and make sure they are dropped off okay.

Activation teams –

Will help out each day of the festival, but only for a short amount of time. This is where we really spread our green and sustainability message. You'll need to be confident and chatty and love getting involved with games, glitter and giveaways to bring as many people as possible over to learn about the green issues at festivals.

What will I be asked to help with?

It depends on the event and what kind of service we're offering, but it's mainly helping with getting people on and off site. BGC run coaches that travel to and from the festival from all over the UK, we run one day coaches for one day eventing and shuttle buses to and from local train stations.

We'll do a team brief and you'll get an information pack before you arrive but you could be asked to help park up coaches, liaise with coach drivers, with stewards on site, point customers in the right direction, help with their luggage, check their tickets, keeping the area clear of people, check how many seats we have left, send off full coaches…anything that means people come and go quickly and safely.

Activation team members will help us out on days the customers are inside the festival and will help make the tent a fun and safe space for customers to come visit us.

Do I need my own camping equipment?

YES you do, a tent and sleeping bag are required at all sites plus your own belongings, it is up to you how much camping equipment you bring but remember YOU have to carry it!!

You'll usually have a 'crew' wristband as a volunteer and there is nearly always 'crew camping' you are welcome to use. You'll have lots of downtime and it's really handy if you guys stay on site (in case of emergency and the re arranging of coach operations or shuttle buses) but this isn't requested of course!

Getting to the Event?

You guys will need to meet us on site (unless you're helping out as a coach rep) and will need to find your own way there as we'll have a little team brief before coaches start to arrive on site. Being green, we suggest public transport or using lift shares where you can! We often set up Facebook groups so you can chat about this.

If you are going to be coach repping for us you will travel on the last BGC service to leave your destination and go back with the same coach after the event.

Can I help out with my mates?

We appreciate anyone that volunteers their time with us and will always try and get you and any mates that apply, together on site. That being said, you'll have to let us know before hand so we know to do so! Many people come along solo and leave with friends for life, it's such a friendly bunch! Most people come and help us at the same time so no complicated rotas or long 'shifts'

How will I hear about volunteer positions?

We will post them on the Holly Green Facebook page, make sure you friend request her

We will add them to the system, you'll be able to check these once you have a profile