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Anyone can volunteer or work with Big Green Coach

Big Green Coach volunteer Ian Gough

Anyone can volunteer or work with Big Green Coach

The leading carbon neutral transport company offers Summer work with perks!

The UK’s largest and most sustainable events travel company, Big Green Coach offers Summer roles for all ages and all music tastes. Where else can you work or volunteer, and enjoy the festival too?

As long as you are 18 or over you can apply to volunteer or work. It’s not only the affordability and sustainability that makes the difference at Big Green Coach, but the people – so if you have a love for live events and mucking in with like-minded friendly and enthusiastic personalities, then get in touch.

Big Green Coach volunteer Ian Gough (pictured), explained:

“I have now been volunteering with BGC for many years and can say that it’s the best way to do voluntary work. The team members are great to be with, even though I’m one of the oldest in the team they treat me as one of them.  Depending on the festival, the work is not hard and only involves a couple of shifts, leaving you free to enjoy all of the festival with access to areas that not all the public can get too, i.e. staff camping!

“Depending on the role you take, you can get transport to and from the festival or if travelling on your own early access to staff and public camping. It’s a great way to do your bit and attend the music events you enjoy with the great support of the full time staff at Big Green Coach, who always put themselves out for each and everyone of us. I would recommend volunteering with BGC to all!”

Applying is simple, but hurry – it’s popular! Simply follow this link and create a profile – you’ll be guided through each step of the application and it will only take about 15 minutes to complete.  Have your right-to-work documents ready to upload, along with National Insurance number, contact details, and emergency contact details.

The carbon neutral transport company has confirmed 674.5 tonnes of carbon will be balanced for 2023 with UK charity ecolibrium, via a five figure donation to ecolibrium’s Trees+ programme.  Since joining forces with ecolibrium in 2021 Big Green Coach has balanced over 1500 tonnes of carbon.

With audience travel accounting for almost 80% of carbon emissions for live events, it’s never been more important to think about travel choices. Coach travel is already the greenest option for event goers, taking cars off the road and using less land for parking.

Going further in its green efforts, Big Green Coach’s work with Cool Earth means it has now sponsored close to 2m sq.ft. of Amazon rainforest for ten years.  In 2022, all of its coach services were carbon neutral. Emissions for every return trip were worked out and then offset by investing in sustainability projects with ecolibrium.

Find out more about ecolibrium

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