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Big Green Coach Celebrates Earth Day

Big Green Coach Celebrates Earth Day

22nd April may seem like any other day, but for the eco warriors and conservationists amongst you, the 22nd April is a significant date on your calendar. Since 1970, Earth Day has become an annual celebration around the world, with billions of people across 192 countries, interested in safeguarding our planet and fighting for a sustainable and green future.

At Big Green Coach, we may only be a small part of the billions of people who honour the achievements of environmental movements today, but rest assured we are continuously doing our bit to tackle the environmental travel impacts in the transport and live events industries. And to celebrate Earth Day 2024, we thought we’d share with you how we are acting responsibly towards a brighter future.

From trains to coaches, The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) reports that travelling by coach emits 27g of CO2 per person per kilometre, compared with 41g on UK rail, making coach travel the greenest transport option available to many. In 2023, the total equivalent of carbon saving by customers travelling to Boardmasters festival by coach, instead of by car, was equivalent to 104,588,817 Google searches or 1,338,733 cups of tea.

This highlights how much carbon can be saved via travel to one festival alone, especially in a world where travel typically causes 80% of a festival’s carbon emissions. Big Green Coach is the UK’s largest carbon-neutral event travel provider, with 15 years commitment to offering cheap and sustainable transport options, but it doesn’t stop there.

Our partnership with Ecolibrium since 2021, has calculated that Big Green Coach has balanced over 1500 tonnes of carbon. For those who don’t know, Ecolibrium is a UK charity, founded in 2015 as a live events industry response to the climate crisis. This partnership is essential in helping us to reduce travel emissions and our five-figure investment in Ecolibrium’s Trees+ programme, saw 674.5 tonnes of carbon balanced by Big Green Coach in 2023.

However you celebrate Earth Day, I hope you look ahead to the summer festival’s you’ve got lined up this year and ponder your travel choices. Consider booking the UK’s most trusted and sustainable supplier of coach travel, Big Green Coach, to take you there.

We provide coach travel to major music events and festivals, but if in doubt, follow this link to browse our events: Big Green Coach – The Events Travel Company.

By Emma Davies


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