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Big Green Coach drives into the AO Arena bowl to support Nordoff and Robbins

Big Green Coach drives right into the heart of the action at AO Arena bowl to support Nordoff and Robbins

Nothing stops Big Green Coach getting to the heart of the action.

Another first for us…on Tuesday 23rd April 2024 we drove two coaches right into the main arena bowl at AO Arena to collect guests and swiftly transport them to the beautiful Albert Hall for the inaugural Nordoff and Robbins Northern Music Awards. A brief video of the pre party and our coaches arriving at the venue here.

Nordoff and Robbins is the UK’s largest music therapy charity, with a unique approach shaped by more than 60 years of practice. By harnessing the power of music, they help break through the barriers caused by life-limiting illness, disability and social isolation.

We were so pleased when we were asked to help and delighted to support this awesome charity by providing these vehicles. Our Director, Danny Newby, was onsite to ensure that everything went smoothly…and to witness the amazing sight of coaches arriving at the very centre of this superb venue.

The great and good of the music industry were there to celebrate musical talent both established and emerging in the north.

AO Arena has been a big part of the region’s incredible musical and cultural fabric for 30 years and Big Green Coach are proud to have been ‘THE live events travel people’ for 15 years.

The awards themselves were amazing, with guests, presenters and award winners including: The Courteeners, Lisa Stansfield, The Reytons, Gary Neville, Andy Burnham, Helen Skelton, Tim Burgess from The Charlatans plus so many more! Read more about in on the BBC.

A great night, a great cause and another successful coach operation delivered. We value our partnerships and no enquiry is too big or too small.

As we are Big Green Coach, we are committed to reducing the carbon at every turn. Rest assured that we will be offsetting all the carbon we produced transporting our guests on these services via our partnership with Ecolibrium.

Emissions for each and every journey are calculated and then offset by investing in sustainability projects via our partnership with Ecolibrium. We are pleased to confirm 674.5 tonnes of carbon will be balanced for 2023 with UK charity Ecolibrium, via a five figure donation to their Trees+ programme. Since joining forces with Ecolibrium in 2021 Big Green Coach has balanced over 1500 tonnes of carbon.

Please contact [email protected] for any requirements.

If you want to see The Courteeners this year, Big Green Coach are providing coach services to their gig at Lytham Festival.


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